Black Alcove Book 4: Just One Moment by Jami Wagner

Black Alcove Book 4: Just One Moment by Jami Wagner
196 pages
4 moons

I never imagined my life like this. Sure there could be worse things happening like me living in the park and raining every day. The one thing I didn`t imagine happening was being accused of theft. My name is Skylar Atwood and have no reason to steal but then again I am not who I used to be. Money is something I know very closely for it is money that has controlled my life all these years. Now I am ready to make a life that I want and not obey somebodys rules. Problem is that Luke Warren does`t believe me and to him I am guilty of every bad thing happening in his life right now. As an Atwood we are supposed to be strong, not weak, supposed to be able to overcome anything but a man like Luke can well just make me all weak in the knees. Can I be independent living a life I want and still prove to Luke I am innocent?

Fun and girls, two things I have forgotten how to enjoy. It has been a year and still the grief and heartache hasn`t lessened. I am now the man of the house and somehow I have aged as well. Everybody around me is enjoying life and some starting a family. Me on the other hand barely scraping by trying to figure out how to make ends meet and still be a big brother to my twin sisters. Then to top it off I have Skylar Atwood. I know she is hiding something and is to blame for the break ins at the family bookstore. She may be sexy, smart and quick witted but I know in my gut she is guilty of everything happening. The closer I get to know her while rebuilding I am starting to wonder who is guilty here. Me who is starting to fall for her or she for being the girl to make me feel alive.

Oh yes I am so excited for this series by Jami Wagner. I love coming back to Black Alcove seeing everybody in their lives and new people like Skylar. She is everything Luke needs for he has forgotten how to live. I understand the tragedy he went through but sometimes in order to live we have to let go of the grief. Skylar is exactly what he needs right now and he to her. She may be determined to have a life of her own but like Luke she is experiencing a lot of things for the first time. Jami Wagner not only showed us a rich girl turning back on money but one who is ready to fight for a life she wants. Loved it and cannot wait for more from this series. One thing I loved the most of this series is that Jami Wagner never fails to give us a glimpse of what the other characters in this wonderful town is up to in their happily ever afters.


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