Dare River Valley Book 5: Fountain of Infinite Wishes by Ava Miles

Dare River Valley Book 5: The Fountain of Infinite Wishes by Ava Miles
305 pages

I never knew my daddy. I mean sure he was around but I was just a baby it is my sister, Sadie, who really never knew him. There is a part of me well all of us in the McGuiness clan who is curious what really happened to make our daddy leave us. Were we bad? Did he not love us anymore? Was he young? So many questions and our mama doesn`t want us to know. It is because of this I know of Vander Montgomery, Nashville hottest and professional Private Investigator. If anybody can find daddy it will be Vander. Meeting him though is like a spark lighting me up for 4th of July making me all hot and bothered. As a reverends daughter I shied away from men for a while but Vander is one hot guy tempting me like a devil . Finding daddy is the main thing but man keeping this secret from mama is killing me. Can Vander be the one to mend our hearts or the reason why we are torn apart again?

I know what it is like to not have your dad. It will be 25 years since I lost mine and though I am in my thirties now I still want my dad. Shelby is a surprise though for she is eager yet worried what it will do once I find her father. I don`t know how anyone can leave this sweet, beautiful and smart woman but determined to find out. There hasn`t been a job I failed at but being with Shelby this is one job I am afraid of the outcome. Will she be the one to heal my heart or will it be the end of me?

Yay we have another Dare Valley book and boy we finally see a little more about the Magnolia southern sisters like Shelby and Sadie. Shelby has never forgotten aobut her father and wonders all the questions abandoned children ask. Why? My heart went out to Shelby and even the whole family in this book. We always see them strong but this is one thing they have never forgotten. Ava Miles created this beautiful story no of just getting over the past but a lesson of forgiveness and well peace. Both Shelby and Vander have something in common but have never really come to terms about it. Ava Miles not only brought them to a point where everything might get to normal but we see them grown not only in love but spiritually. Loved it and cannot wait to see about Sadie`s story in the next Dare Valley book.


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