Electric Book 1: Charge by E.L. Todd

Electric Book 1: Charge by E.L Todd
4 1/2 moons

I had it all. I had a great career, a great woman that loved me and I am ready now for the next step. Yet like a snap of a finger everything went to shit. Now I can have any woman I want and not get burend. It is a great life and have no worry about getting hurt. Committment is not in my life at least I thought it was until I met her. Taylor a new girl to my city of women and the first girl to make me want again. She is hot, sexy and a teacher so opposite of the girls I usually go to and this onfuses me. Friendship is all I can do right now and being friends with a hot girl like Taylor is mind blowing.

New York is a new city, new life and a time for me to find someone. I love teaching but I am at a point where I want a man to come home to and to love me. I always knew once I found someone I will have that sensation in me and feeling of love. Only person I have felt is with Volt and everybody tells me he is not into forever love. He is the man you go to for hot sex and mindless orgasms but nothing else. Can we be just friends without the benefits?

Oh man I am so excited E.L. Todd has a new series and what a bang. I have to say Volt is going to have to work harder than ever to prove himself. The connection they have is well like the title, Charged. Taylor is unlike any woman Volt has been with and after coming off a bad break up she is the only one to make him feel alive again. Now Volt have to say is so messed up but with Taylor he is unlike the manwhore all his friends know. I love how E.L. Todd keeps bringing places like Megashake and the Muffin Girl reminding us how easily all her books connect. This is one new series you don`t want to miss.


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