Electric Book 2: Spark by E.L. Todd

Electric Book 2: Spark by E.L Todd

I don`t know how it happened. I fell for her so easily and hard. I swore I would not fall for another woman not after the other one hurt me. Taylor is unlike the other one though which scares me. What started as friendship is making me want more. There is not a day I don`t talk, text or hang out with her unlike anything I have done with a woman before in my life. Now I want her more than ever but she is with someone. I don`t want to be in the friend zone anymore I want Taylor by my side as my girlfriend.

I don`t know what is going on. I finally find someone, a great guy and Volt is acting weird. As friends go he is the one who I go to and who understands me. Problem is that Sage doesn`t understand our friendship and even now me too. Everybody says Volt is into me but how can New York City`s biggest manwhore who has been with beautiful girls and models be into me a teacher. Most of all can I go on dating men when the man of my dreams has always been there for me as a friend.

Yes, yes we finally see a side of Volt that nobody see`s and man just WOW. I am so into this guy he just makes me all gooey inside. Poor Taylor has no chance yet in some ways is blind to the love he is sending her way. I loved that Volt is more than what he shows to others and with Taylor he is everything we dream of having in a man. This series is just wowing me in every turn I want more of Volt. There is still secrets between them and cannot wait to see how E.L.Todd will surprise us in the next chapter of this book.


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