Electric Book 3: Burn by E.L. Todd

Electric Book 3: Burn by E.L Todd

I don`t know what to do anymore. I told myself after being with Drew that the next man I fall for will not lie to me. That was until Volt does something that makes me confuse. One minute he is the best friend of mine the next he pulls away. Everybody tells me he is in love with me but I should know this right. We have always been together since I first came to New York City and cannot imagine my life without him. The more I try to tell everybody were just friends he kisses me making me feel more alive than I have ever felt. Am I being blind or just wishful thinking that Volt might want me more than just a friend?

I can`t take it anymore. Having her in my life has been the best thing and even though I thought I was in love with the other one being with Taylor is real love. She is the kind of love where she is the one I sleep and wake up to, the mother of my children and the one I grow old with. No matter how much I love her and everybody knows she is the only one who doesn`t believe in my feelings. One mistake after another seems to be coming from me and I can`t take it anymore. One kiss is all it takes to make her see how much I want her. The thing is will it bring us closer or damage the awesome friendship we have?

Man I want to shake Taylor`s arms I mean come on Volt loves you. I know where this going and it is going to be bad when the secrets are revealed. E.L. Todd though is making us want more of this series and the up and downs they go through just makes me love Volt more in this series. Taylor is definitey finally seeing things but a little slow at it which makes Volt work harder than ever. Cannot wait in the next one how they will make it.


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