Electric Book 4: Combust by E.L. Todd

Electric Book 4:Combust by E.L Todd
368 pages

I know when I met my Volt he just came off a bad breakup but never in my dreams did I think I know the person. My Volt is sweet, romantic, sexy and definitely not at all what I thought he was, a manwhore. Now that we are together I know the moment will come when we finally marry. The thing is that I want Volt to meet my other friend and want everyone to be happy. We are meant to be together but he hasn`t told me everything about him which scares me. What causes this jealousy of his? Why does me being friends with Sara anger him so much? More importantly will we ever get the life of happiness we dream of having?

I cannot believe this is happening. Just when I finally convince my Taylor we belong together my past bites me in the ass. I never imagined this happening to me and now I fear I cannot fix this. Taylor has to understand where I am coming from and why I get angry. The thing is that this might be literally what will tear us apart. Friendship. Is my love enough to keep us together forever?

So I knew this was coming but man when it did I never expected to blow up like this. E.L. Todd literally just shook the foundation of Taylor and Volts friendship harsh. I feared the worse but one thing about this love is that it is strong filled with hope and forgiveness. This was one series that just wowed me from the beginning all the way to end. Once again E.L. Todd shows us that there is no stopping this talented author from making her readers want more. Loved it.


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