Not a Hero by Sarah Robinson

Not a Hero by Sarah Robinson
206 pages

The United States. Green Grass. My dad. So many things I have missed each time I re-enlisted in th Army and now finally I am back home only wished it was in better circumstances. Walter Kydd, not just any man but a great father to me and a husband. Sure my mom passed away years ago but he still has the love he has always felt for her. Looking at him makes me think love is possible with the right person. Then again that was before I did the unthinkable in the war. I know some people might call me a hero but I am just a man who has demons and have no idea how to make them go away. I know my father is sick but knowing he has Zoe watching him makes me feel a little bit better. Now here is a woman who I know would be great for me but how can she love a child killer.

I would do anything for my client. Walter Kydd is not only a great boss but one who is near the end of his life. I have come to love him like a grandfather but helping his son, Miles is a hard task. Even though we grew up together Miles was way out of my league. In so many ways he still is but seeing him come from the Army has changed him.  My crush for him has grown and knowing how he tastes and feels in my arms I cannot stay away from him. He is my clients son but I know he is more to me now which makes it hard for me to get past his secrets. Can I give him my heart when he can love and break it with the demons he have in his past?

In one word WOW of Sarah Robinson`s latest, Not a Hero. My heart went for Miles and for Tobin. Two friends who have dealt with so much still haunted from the past. They are Marines but inside they are two men trying to get back to normalcy. I love that Zoe doesn`t care that he is a hero just wanting to love him with all her heart. I loved that Walter had his share in the book bringing them together in a way that was sweet and cute. Sarah Robinson blew me away with such romance in the book made me want more really hoping we get to know about Tobin. These two together were connected in a lot of ways it was easy to see their love grow.


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