SIN Book 2: Hot Mess by J. Kenner

SIN Book 2: Hot Mess by J. Kenner
289 pages
Ebook and Print

The King of Cock that is what all the women say about him. He is the one you go to be seduced, well fucked and get the hottest orgasm ever. To me he is my friend, my lover and my hot mess for he is also my brother. Not by blood but of legalities. He is the only one who knows what I went through all those years ago for he experienced far worse than I did. Together we overcame the kidnapping and abuse at least I thought we did. Dallas Sykes is man who has gone through so much but has never learned to escape what happened years ago. I know he needs me the way I need him but I am tired of living in sin. I want the world to know that I love Dallas Sykes. He is the only one who completes me, makes me burn with desire and the only one that I will always loven no matter if the world think were sick. How can I help him when everytime I think were getting ahead THE WOMAN that hurt him comes back taunting us?

She is my drug, the woman I crave and cannot get out of my system. She is the reason I must stay away but she is the only one who knows what I have gone through but not as worse as I did. Jane is my everything and though how fuck up I am she still wants me. THE WOMAN abused me mentally and physically I am not worthy of Jane`s love. I tried to stay away for she is my sister and to the world it is a sin but by blood we are not anything remotely relative. I dream of a life together where the world can see our love and not feel hate for us. THE WOMAN did this she damaged me and hurt whatever love I might have had in my life. As Jane says I am her hot mess but she is my salvation to this madness. Will we ever have a life of happiness and call me crazy but a happily ever after?

Ooh J. Kenner you naughty author for making this reader want more of Dallas and Jane. You would think with everything that has happend between them Jane would stay away yet instead in some way it pulls her closer to Dallas. These two are bonded in a way not by blood but tragedy that tramautized them. Poor Dallas took the brunt of it and my heart goes out for this man. In all counts he is a sex on a stick guy but damaged in so many ways he has no idea where to start to be fixed. Jane completes him in every way yet is terrified of what others would think. The love they have is of course not the usual kind but one they have to fight to keep it. Of course J. Kenner just keeps us guessing who is behind all this for there are so many secrets, lies, betrayals and a passion that is stronger than ever. Loved it.


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