SIN Book 3: Sweetst Taboo by J.Kenner

SIN Book 3: Sweetest Taboo by J. Kenner
241 pages
Ebook and Print

Who is Dallas Sykes? Is he the one you go to have a quick fuck or the one who can make you feel decadent in one hot kiss? This is what people are asking but more importantly why is he hooking up with Jane, his sister.

There are so many things people are saying about our love but one thing for sure Jane is my woman. I know THE WOMAN is close to us for her to get to my Jane tells me she is desperate to get to me no matter who gets hurt. Jane has always been there for me and now that the world knows about us I want her more. THE WOMAN not only made me a damaged mess but it is Jane who is getting me back to my sanity. She is the one who is making me work harder to find out who was behind the kidnapping that changed us. I will do everything I can to keep Jane but the thought of losing her to this vindictive and hurtful woman is too much. How much longer do we have?

I don`t want it to be true but knowing that the person I have always known was behind our kidnapping makes me sick. I know Dallas is working hard to find out who did this and I love him for it. Dallas is not what everybody thinks he is and that is why I kissed him in front of everyone. Now because of my impulse to just forget and be what I secretly dream of us being as a couple THE WOMAN is after me now. I know it is someone we know but who I have no idea. It feels like each moment with Dallas is like a day less for me in some ways. I am trying to be strong for my man but when he keeps secrets from me I feel like a failure. How can I show Dallas that my love for him is stronger than ever? Will our love survive THE WOMAN once we find out who she really is?

Dang I didn`t want this to end I want more J. Kenner. One thing about J. Kenner`s SIN series is you will definitely not feel dirty. The passion and love these two have is scorching. Dallas is a man who knows what he wants and will fight to prove his love for Jane. I never saw this coming THE WOMAN in this book definitely not what I expected but once you find out it all makes sense. J. Kenner is not only talented, clever, naughty but knows how to keep her readers so into a series you crave more. Loved it.


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