The Fix-Up by Kendall Ryan

The Fix-Up by Kendall Ryan
349 pages
Ebook and Print

In order to get ahead in life and not have bad juju is too face work like no tomorrow not shy away. Problem is that nobody thought of a man like Sterling Quinn to enter my life when I am at deads end rying to get out of debt. He is the ticket I need to have everything straightened out in my life and the one who can ruin it. I have never been so confused over a man and Sterling Quinn is one hot piece I all over the place. One minute he is hot and the other he pulls away. I know I am not the one he has to pick to get all he needs but a girl can dream.

Marriage so not for me. Variety of women, endless sex, tangled sheets that is my life. Might have worked great for my friend Noah and Olivia but me nope a bachelor forever. At least that was the plan until one of my relatives makes me rethink about life. Camryn is the one that can help me for she is great at Public Relations but is also sexy as hell. It was supposed to be just business me her boss and client nothing more. The thing is Camryn is not a woman you can forget easily and the one I want more each day. Every woman I have had love my sexy British charm but Camryn is proving to be one woman making me use all my sexual charms in a way I haven`t used and actually really thinking of marriage. Is she the one who can tame me and make me god forbid committed?

Oh man Kendall Ryan has done it again in   the FIX-UP. I loved that she brought Olivia`s best friend Camryn in this book and Noah`s best friend Sterling. Man talk about hot chemistry I was trying to cool off every chapter with thir sexual tension.  The storyline was of course almost the same but there is so much about Sterling we finally get to see in this book. Cami, however,  is a tough nut to crack and has no chance with Sterling cracking up the seduction towards her. The whole idea in this book was awesome making Sterling think about things he has never really imagined himself doing but it is for a goo cause to his heat. Love to see these together and Kendall Ryan also showed us Olivia and Noah`s life right now bringing everyone together. Cannot wait to see what is next and naughty things Kendall Ryan has in store for her readers.


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