The Fort Worth Wranglers Book 1: Lyric and Lingerie by Tracy Wolff and Katie Graykowski

The Fort Worth Wranglers Book 1: Lyric and Lingerie by Tracy Wolff & Katie Graykowski
255 pages
4 moons

What do you get when you get have a smart, sexy astrophysicist and a hot, sexy 8-pack ab football player? You get tons of hot passionate chemistry and full of laughter all the way.

I never imagined that when my father needed me I will be stuck in a plane with the man who took my innocence. It has been years since I spoke to Heath Montgomery and though we don`t talk anymore I have followed his career. As Fort Worth`s sexiest eligible bachelor he has had his fill of women as a football player but with me he is like all up on my face. Years ago I wanted his attention and thought I had it until my sisters name came in the way. As a twin we are so opposite but for Heath we are apparently the same which just hurts more. He is everything I wanted back then but now he is just confusing the hell out of me. If it wasn`t for my father I would be so far away from him with my planets where I belong but the universe is playing games with me. Can I go back to just being the smart twin always with my head in the skies? Or will the football player tempt me to be the woman that he has always loved?

Lyric just saying her name invokes all kinds of fantasies I have had in the past years. I never understood why she distanced herself but man has she filled out in all the rigt places. Everybody sees me as just a football player but knowing that life can chance insantly makes me wonder what is going to happen now. I aways thought football was my life until she sat next to me in the airplane. Now Lyric is all I want and I am scared for the first time of a woman. Lyric, however, is not just any woman but the one I have always longed for but stupidity got to me. Unliker twin, Lyric is far from being badass she is in so many ways like a star all bright, luminiscent and special to me in so many ways cannot imagine going another day without her. Being fake with her is not something I imagined happened but this is just icing on the cake to make her see how much we belong together and not even the universe can tear us away. Or can it?

Lyric, Lyric talk about modern day Lucy mixed with absent minded scientist perfect for a football player who needs a little chaos in his life. One thing about Tracy Wolff and Katie Graykowski is they are perfect together in this series in so many ways. We have hot passion, secrets and most of we have tons of comedy between Lyric and Heath. Couldn`t stop laughing each time Heath made Lyric nervous it was cute and sweet at time. This is one series I cannot wait to see what is next especially for Harmony, Lyrics twin. If there was ever a couple so opposite from each other it is Lyric and Heath yet the best romance is when opposites attract in a fantastic way.


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