A Dragonfly Whisper by Jennifer Julie Miller

A Dragonfly Whisper by Jennifer Julie Miller
172 pages
Ebook and Print
4 moons

**I was given an advanced copy. All opinions expressed are my own.***

That woman is so stubborn and I am ready to make her mine. For years since my beloved passed away Nora has eased the heartache with her love. She says she is old that we have already had our great loves yet I want her. My children are settled with their special loved ones and now I know it is time to make Nora mine. The thing is she feels it is too late to be loved again. He knows that if Nora just learns to be loved again and let go of the past she will be happy with me. Can I make my woman see we belong together?

I have lived and loved in my lifetime and know love doesn`t come along twice. Or does it? I see all my friends and new ones find their love it makes me sad in some ways. Having first hand see love comes in unexpected ways make me want more but am afraid. Roman has been my side for years and I know a handsome man like him won`t be single forever. He calls me crazy and stubborn for holding out on him but once you have loved someone how can you know when love comes around again.

Second chances at finding love again are my kind of gooey kind of stories I love. Jennifer Julie Miller doesn`t disappoint in this one with Nora and Roman. Two people who have loved, married are seeing that love is like a George Strait song when it comes around you grab it. Now Roman is no man to just sit around he takes life by the horns and he wants Nora. I loved that this man is determined to make Nora his and won`t wait anymore. Now Nora knows how love is supposed to feel and being with Roman is so much than just love it feels like the kind soul mates find each other. Jennifer Julie Miller knows romance and though it is short one thing about this book is no matter what age you are love does come around only more sweeter than ever.


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