A Little Harmless Game by Meli Raine

A Little Harmless Game by Meli Raine
221 pages

There was always 4 men in my memories and dreams. Now 4 years laters I am finding out it was really just 3 mean who violated and changed my life forever. I was known as the Senators daughter, the sometimes party girl nothing more. Of course that all changed one night when the man I loved all my heart ruined me. Now I am known as the Senators Daughter who asked for it. Yes apparently I asked to be ganged raped. I asked to be taken in every place imaginable. Knowing that I was spirited away in an island recovering with all this going on just makes me pissed. My father who I thought protected me instead used me for his gain. The boyfriend I loved and hurt me is now on my tail as a guard. I am not the same person I used to be and life is not the same too. What really happened and why is my past coming back to bite me in the ass?

4 years ago I watched them violate my love. Three men I thought were our friends changed our lives forever. 4 years ago I had no choice but to watch them hurt her. Now I have the means to protect my Lindsay and give her the closure she needs even if it means turning my back on the Senator. Seeing her again after all these years makes me happy yet the hatred she has for me is too much. Everybody that has seen the video sees 3 mean but in Lindsay`s eyes there are 4 men making me the center point of all her hatred. Can I convince my Lindsay that all is not what it seems?

In one word, WOW by Meli Raine. This is the first book in a series that is not only some times hard to read but full of suspense and betrayal. Poor Lindsay going through all this and then to see the man she has loved back is too much for her. I loved that even though Drew is all on her she is determined to find out what really happened in that video. Meli Raine pulls no stops and though some scenes were tough to read it is what defines this book making Lindsay stronger than ever. This is not your usual romance and not for all readers because of the storyline but worth reading in this series. Stay tuned for book 2 for there is still so much about Drew we don`t really know. Loved it. **I received this product for free in exchange for this post.**


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