Bound to Submit by Laura Kaye

Bound to Submit by Laura Kaye
152 pages
Ebook and Print

The Marines taught me to be tough, strong not weak and insecure like I am right now. The last time I felt like this was the day Master Griffin threw my love back to my face. Now years later I am back to get back what I lost, me. Being at Blasphemy, the old church turn as the hottest BDSM club in the town felt well like coming home. Here I am free, desired and wanted in a way I haven`t felt in a long time. I know I am not the same person I was but I just want one night with Griffin. One night of reckless abandonment, naughtiness and just well for this heartache and sadness to go away. Is it too much to ask for from Master Griffin to make me whole again?

I was stupid and immature two words to describe how I was whe I let the one woman that really loved me disappear. As soon as I saw my stupidity I searched for my Kenna never able to find her. Now after years of searching in the crowd she is here in Blasphemy, my domain. Seeing Kenna again just shows how fate wants us to be together and yet there is vulnerability I have never seen her before scaring me. Knowing that because of me she is like this tears me apart but determined to prove to my Kenna no matter what she is in my heart forever. Like the ropes that have always intrigued and teased her I will bind her to me like she has never felt before. This time I am going to be the Master who gets his sub forever.

I have no idea but somehow everytime I read a book by Laura Kaye they just get hotter than ever. Blasphemy has always intrigued me for this is not your usual BDSM Club it is a place where we see our most wanton desires, fantasies and our ownselves come to light. Kenna always thought she knew what she wanted until now. The Marines can change a person but for Kenna she just feels more lost than ever. I loved that Griffin didn`t see the imperfections Kenna sees but the beautiful, sexy woman she really is in the inside. Each time we come to Blasphemy we see more of the Masters unravel and loved reading abou Master Griffin. We see little of him in the previous books in the 1001 Dark Night series and man Laura Kaye just sexed him up hot. Come to Blasphemy and not just get your world changed but be loved like no other has done to you. Cannot wait for more of this place.


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