Christmas in Eternity Springs by Emily March

Christmas in Eternity Springs by Emily March
332 pages
Ebook and Print

Christmas used to be my thing. The magic, the happily ever after and most of all spending it with the special loved one.   I thought I had it all until the man I loved turned out to be something I never expected, married. Coming to Eternity Springs not only was a huge change for me but also brought me Jax Lancaster. He is everything I never imagined having again and his little boy is just a dream who needs me the most. Seeing them together is making me almost believe miracles can happen again in the Christmas Spirit. They call me Miss Christmas but it is Jax and his son that is making me feel spirited again?

Being a father is important to me and this is the time for me not to screw it up. Being away in the Navy has distanced me from my son and being with him now is hard. What my son is going through is heartbreaking and I am determined to get him to be the happy, funny little boy he used to be. Christmas was always a season of happiness and fun for us but since the accident he has been different. There is just something about Eternity Springs that shows anything is possible especially when it has Miss Christmas. There is just something about Claire Branham that is not only good for my boy but is making me feel alive. The more I am with Claire the more I am seeing a life that might be possible if I actually let love back again in my life.

Looking for a sweet romance filled with love and family adding a dash of second chances then Eternity Springs is the place to go to by Emily March. I loved that Claire is well semi Scrooge and Ms Christmas all in one. One minute she loves it the next because of heartache hates it. Now Jax has a lot in his plate and the love he feels for Claire is just confusing him. His main goal is his son and the love he has for him is so sweet and caring. Emily March sure knows how to create romance and the joy of love so easily. Loved it.


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