Defying her Mafioso by Terri Anne Browning

Defying her Mafioso by Terri Anne Browning
202 pages
4 moons

I cannot take this anymore. The one time I let him know how I really feel he sends me away. Now that I am back with my family Ciro Donati has no chance but to cave. Working for my father he is trusted and in so many ways his right hand man. To me he is not a hired gun but the man that has my heart. He says I cannot love a monster but that is not what I see when he is in my arms. To me he is my best friend and the man I only see as my husband. How can I convince this Mafioso that I am not just the bosses daughter but one that knows what she wants and that`s him?

I need to stay away from Scarlett. As my bosses daughter I have no business being with her least of all stealing secret kisses. I know years ago when I sent her away it was a good idea but seeing her again just shows somehow she has stolen my heart. Gone is the innocent 16 year old and now is a woman who steals my breath every minute. Can I really bring her into my life where I shoot first then ask questions later? Will she be able to handle me being the monster I am hired to be?

Terri Anne Browning and this new series is an eye opener compared to her other books. I loved that Scarlett didn`t care what her Ciro actually does but sees the man he is inside. The love they have is forbidden but this doesn`t stop the love they have for one another. I loved the whole Mafia storyline and the fact that it is more than just gunshots, betrayal but a love that is strong determined to overcome anything including the Mafia boss himself. Cannot wait for book 2 in this series.

**I received this product for free in exchange for this post.**


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