Forever and Ever Book 37: Love Me Still by E.L. Todd

Forever and Ever Book 37: Love Me Still by E.L Todd
4 1/2 moons

**I received this product for free in exchange for this post.**

It is the letter that is tearing us apart. The letter that is making me look at my Cayson differently. I never imagined for our marriage to go through this and even though I still love him it is the letter that shows he is lying. I know that our months being separated can make him lonely but for him to continuously lie to me that he never did this is too much. We were supposed to be forever and ever and now I see this marriage was never going to last.

Coming home has been fantastic for me and even though Slade tells me I should be honest to Skye of what happened with Laura I thought I had it covered. Yet somehow that bitch Laura is interfering again. Knowing that I am going to be a dad just blows me away and it is with my forever girl Skye. Coming home from being away for 3 months should have put us in a bubble of happiness and happy of becoming parents for the first time. Instead I am fighting for my marriage doing everything I can to prove to Skye I am not lying. Gone is our happily ever after and am determined to make Skye see what she thinks happened is not true. Can I keep my marriage?

No, no this cannot be happening. After months of bliss, longing and separation we are finally seeing Skye and Cayson together and now this. E.L. Todd is clever and teasing us with these two. They belong together and knowing that this woman is the reason this is happening makes me want to tear her limb to limb. I feel for Cayson in this book for one minute he is happy so in love and one letter is destroying all they have overcome to be together. I just cannot believe this is happening and through everything happening I have to say I am proud Slade is with Cayson on his side. It is like when they separated before Skye sacrificing her love fr Cayson to get into the college he wants. This separation however is too much for this reader and just nervous of what will happen with these two and the baby on the way. Stay tuned for this is one couple you don`t want to miss.


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