Forever and Ever Book 38: We We Fall by E.L. Todd

Forever and Ever Book 38: When We Fall by E.L. Todd
304 pages
4 1/2 moons

**I received this product for free in exchange for this post**

Cayson and Skye are forever. At least I thought they were and seeing my best friend going through this is heartbreaking. I am supposed to be strong but seeing Cayson go through this makes me feel helpless. I should be there for my best friend but my wife needs me as well. Choosing sides over our best friends is too much but I know for fact Cayson is not lying. Why Skye doesn`t believe him is beyond me? Trying to be a great friend and helping my wife get pregnant is getting too much.  All Trinity wants is a baby and every stick that comes out negative is killing her. I love my wife and seeing her sad about this is like a wrecking ball hitting me in the guts.

Lexie is my everything and I am ready for the next step. Everybody loves her and she is so opposite of Beatrice nothing can go wrong. She completes me in a way I never imagined. The sex between us is hot, the chemistry passionate we belong together. Right?

A brother, well half-brother never thought  would have one. Silke says I should be thankful I have a brother but honestly my brother is Slade and her family. I never needed a real family for I had Ryan an Janice be there for me. Yet Levi tells me something I never expected to happen. Now I wonder when did everything change in my life.

I still cannot believe E.L. Todd is doing this to my favorite couple in the series. Knowing that Skye has little faith in Cayson after everything he has done to show his love just wows me. In a way I understand why Skye is feeling like this but come on this is Cayson. He is honest and noble no way is a cheating kind of guy and for Skye to be thinking like this is  well just immature. Now Conrad poor guy can`t catch a break in the love department. Here is a sweet, romantic guy just wanting to be loved. Saddens me to see him like this in every book we get a glimpse of him. Though everything that is happening I amazed that Slade is the mature one in this book. The once upon a time womanizer is the smartest and well logical man right now. With everything going on Slade is dealing with his own problems and the main one is well trying to become a father. Seeing this in Slade just makes me applaud E.L. Todd for changing this man and showing how much he loves Trinity he is willing to do anything to make his wife happy. Arsen, sweet sexy man so conflicted with what happened to him in the past being abandoned by his mother and well finding the happiness he deserves.  l love that Silke is by his side through everything happening showing Arsen that everybody can get a second chance at happiness and love. Cannot wait to see what E.L. Todd will do next with Cayson and Skye.


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