Forever and Ever Book 39: When We Break by E.L. Todd

Forever and Ever Book 39: When we Break by E.L Todd
297 pages

**I received this product for free in exchange for this post.**

I made a huge mistake. I had no faith at all and now I have lost my Cayson forever. This is much worse than the time I pretended to have cheated on him. I am a grown up yet I made a mess of everything and trusted my father more than the father of my baby. I have to make things right and still am afraid that once he signs the papers I am alone forever.

I have failed my wife. I vowed to Trinity that I will give her everything she wants in life. The one thing she has always dreamed is the one thing I cannot fully give her. How can I be a man to her when I cannot get her pregnant? Dad says she will still want me but will the heartache and pain in her face disappear?

I know my mom knows I hate her but seeing Sherry like this is not something I ever expected. I always knew when she started coming to me she was up to something. Levi, a half-brother of mine says she doesn`t want anything but even now she is asking. Can I forgive the woman who abandoned me to find peace in her final days?

Oh my god E.L. Todd is tearing me apart in this series. Never in my dreams I expected all this happening with Skye and Cayson. I was crying fo Cayson wanting to slap Skye for doing this to him. I mean we have known Cayson since they were in school and now for him to be treated like this is too much. Then we have Conrad who doesn`t know what path to go in life and is slowly destroying himself. Arsen now this man so much heartache and really feel for him. He has a tough decision to make and yet with family around him he still feels lost. So much going I am starting to question E.L. Todd and wondering what in store in this devious and talented mind.

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