Indecent Proposal by Jodi Manhattan

Indecent Proposal by Jodi Manhattan
4 moons

**I received this product for free in exchange for this post.**

My job is easy. It is the one job that not only helps me but helps others in need like my family. It is the one job that can make all my dreams come true but also a job that can land me in jail. I have been doing this for years with my friend Lorraine and never had a problem until now. It was supposed to be quick, easy and 4 million dollars set for me. The one job that should have been easy but didn`t expect Armand to be more than a job.

The Dragon Heart a piece of jewelry that many have coveted including my client but lost it. Now it is in my hands but so is Armand. This was not supposed to have happened being caught and seduced. Yet through all my job Armand is different, sexy and totally confusing the fuck out of me. I am supposed to be good an this was supposed to be just a job. Somehow I lost my way and now I cannot get away from Armand. Is this man just a job or the man to ruin me forever?

Get ready for a tale of high stakes robbery and the man to make the burglar see there is more than just thievery. Armand has always had things given to him easily so has no idea how to work or go a day dreaming of a better life. The Dragon Heart is what Evelyn needs for a better life and Armand is in the way. I loved that these two are similar in some ways yet don`t see it at first. We have Evelyn who is trying to make a good life and Armand who well feels lost. Jodi Manhattan created such a feisty and spirited woman for Armand to feel alive again. The attraction between them is slow at first but once they see how right they are watch out.This is the first I have read from Jodi Manhattan and have to say you will not be disappointed. Cannot wait to see what this talented author has coming up for her readers.


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