One More Taste by Melissa Cutler

One More Taste by Melissa Cutler
369 pages
Ebook and Print
4 moons

Owning my own restaurant has always been my goal. Only one thing or person can destroy all my dreams and he is Knox Briscoe. Everybody knows Knox is the one person to change things in the Briscoe Ranch Resort because he doesn`t want the ranch at all. The challenge he has set is just making me want more of my dreams to come true and he will not stop me. Making him dinners to prove I am a great cook is just one step close to making it all possible. The thing is I didn`t expect the chemistry between us. I should hate him for wanting to kill everything but the kiss he gives is just wow.

The one place I never wanted to come back is the one the place that will destroy me. My dad was kicked out from this ranch years ago and now that he is gone I feel more lost than ever. Getting the Briscoe Ranch and selling it was always the plan until I meet Emily. Here is a woman who is determined to change my mind with her delicious cooking and bringing up memories from my past. I never questioned exactly what caused the rift with my family and now that I am on the ranch the secrets are coming out. One minute I want Emily more than ever but finally owning the ranch comes up to play. Is it possible to have both Emily and the ranch that should have gone to my father?

Melissa Cutler has done it again reminding us that all is not what it seems in the Briscoe Ranch.I loved that Emily is just like the ranch full of secrets and mystery about her. Poor Knox has no chance of getting what he has worked to get. This one family that is full of secrets, betrayal but all in all when it comes down to it they will back you up. I loved that Knox was a hard to guy to get used to but Emily never backed down. Man when they were up against each other it was like fireworks exploding. You looking for passion, romance and secrets that try everything together than Melissa Cutler has a bookworth reading in One More Taste.


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