Wedding Belles Book 1: To Have and To Hold by Lauren Layne

Wedding Belles Book 1: To Have and to Hold by Lauren Layne
384 pages
Ebook and Print

I had it all once upon a time, the wedding dress, the wedding itself and the almost husband at the altar. What happened? Well the once upon a time thingy was all a fantasy for the happily ever after doesn`t exist. That is what Clay taught me that love is not all it seems. Now working as a wedding planner at Wedding Belles I can bring hope to brides in getting their perfect wedding where mine failed. Maya Tyler`s wedding is not only the test I need to prove I can do this it is also a fresh start for me. Sure the wedding seems weird but more than that is the brides arrogrant, broody and sexy as sin brother, Seth. I am not sure what is his story but love how protective he is for Maya yet feel there is more about this hotel tycoon owner. Living in New York City always made my dream of living my own Sex and the City me being the modern Carrie Bradshaw getting my dreams to hopefully come true. Sure Seth is totally sexier than Mr. Big but deep down I know this man can not only rock my world but make me believe in happily ever after again.

Love and Marriage are for stupid people who actually believe in fairy tales and happily ever afters. Yes I said it for this doesn`t exist. So it is quite surprising that my little sister is getting married. I always thought it would be our father handling this but it is me instead as man of the family. My sister is in that phase where she wants everything to be all lovey dovey. Working with her and the sexy, beautiful wedding planner Brooke Baldwin is not something I expected. There is something about her that is just to bubbly for me. All her talk about love, marriage is just too much but I cannot stay away from her. I once thought I had love but like everything else in my life so far it teared apart. How is it that when it comes to Brooke I want to actually think it might be possible?

Lauren Layne`s new series, The Wedding Belles, is definitely a series worth reading right now. I love the whole concept of the wedding planners in New York City and their take on a bride finding their perfect wedding. Not only is this beautiful written but man Seth what a brooding hunky guy. Brooke is a woman who thought she had it all planning her own wedding but never imagined ending the way it did before the I do`s. Now Seth poor man is like all men who thought he was close to finding the one but got stepped back in life. These two definitely share one thing and that is being dumped yet somewhere inside they still want love. I loved how much they deny the attraction but man the chemistry is definetly one you can cut with a knife full of tension waiting to combust. Lauren Layne proves that this is one series you want to read full of love, hot men and yes even tons of passion.


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