Wedding Belles Book 2: For Better or Worse by Lauren Layne

Wedding Belles Book 2: For Better or Worse by Lauren Layne
368 pages
Ebook and Print

**I received this product for free in exchange for this post.**

This is it finally all my dreams are coming true. I will finally be Personal Assistant to Alexis Morgan from Wedding Belles. All my life I have prioritized my life always putting love in the back burner and career first. I love my job especially when the brides get their perfect wedding and happily ever after. Problem is there are times when even the brides might seem all too perfect and my new client giving me carte blanche on everything is bringing up warning bells. With everything going on I don`t need Josh distracting me with his hot sexy body. Josh Tanner is complete opposite of the men I am known to be with and him playing loud music all through the night not caring about others feelings is definitely not my kind of guy. Yet no matter how hard I stay away from him Josh is everywhere and his teasing me is just well frustrating. This wedding is what I need to finally get all my dreams and I am not letting a sexy musician with no care in the world get me with sexy kisses.

There is just something about my new neighbor that has me thinking of things in my life. Meeting Heather Fowler and knowing she is now my new sexy neighbor has me wanting a woman more than ever. Which is a huge problem because I have women tall, thin, curvy, redhead all kinds but somehow Heather is one woman that keeps playing in my head. Everybody thinks I am crazy for quitting my job to be a musician yet with everything that has happened it feels right. The thing is that Heather sees me as a bum but I am afraid of really showing her who I am. For the first time Heather makes me feel alive and rethinking what I thought I wanted after the well issue I had. She is a career woman and knowing that I have such a strong impact on her in her job just makes me feel well sexy. Can I convince this wedding planner that love is possible and I am worth having forever?

Oh man I so love this series and Lauren Layne doesn`t stop at all. Heather in the previous book seemed a little standoffish but knowing her story now makes sense. I loved the chemistry between her and Josh like a sexy cat and mouse game. Now Josh here is a guy who by all counts seems like a womanizer but has reasons why. I felt for Heather always working to get all her dreams but even a workaholic like her needs a little sexy loving. Lauren Layne definitely has a hit with this series and cannot wait for Book 3.


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