Wedding Belles Book 3: To Love and To Cherish by Lauren Layne

Wedding Belles Book 3: To Love and To Cherish by Lauren Layne
320 pages
Ebook and Print

**I was given an advanced copy. All opinions expressed are my own.**

I know love exists but right now all that exists in my life is Wedding Belles. It started off small but somehow I have made it famous for brides of all variety. Moving to Manhattan has always been my dream to be successul in being a wedding planner and not just any planner but one to bring a brides perfect wedding to come true. The thing is I let life go by and now my best friend is tired of it. When I opened I had no one except Logan Harris a stranger yet close to me than ever. We are complete opposites yet this chemistry between us is stronger than ever. My goal is to never let my personal life get in the way of the Wedding Belles but Logan is one hot, sexy British guy that won`t stay away. Can I give him all he has wanted for the last 8 years or fail again?

The woman is crazy, stubborn and the only one I cannot stay away. It has been 8 years and she still is blind about my feelings. Leaving London all those years was an adventure for me but working with Alexis Morgan at Wedding Belles is an eye opener. Keeping these feelings from her is getting to be hard especially since all her friends know I am coming strong. I love that her business is important to her but I want more of my Alexis. Now time is running out and London beckons more than ever for my assistance. Can I leave the love of my life for my family?

Lauren Layne has done it again in a series that is not only hot, sweet and in some ways funny with a very sexy British guy and his stubborn woman. These two were great to read and seeing the rest of the Belles find their happiness was bittersweet. I love Alexis but man she is really blind when it comes to Logan. Talk about hot this guy for he has so many qualities about him that are just well sexy. He is the accountant, the silent quiet type and then the sexy caveman tired of waiting. Lauren Layne just rocked in this series and really hoped there would be more just loved the Belles. This is one series that not ony is fast paced but the men are hotter than ever in each one.


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