😀Important News😀

~~~Our take on Reading Books~~~

So here is the thing about reviewing books. I love that there are tons of new authors and new genres popping out. Just this month alone I found 4 new authors that are now in my auto buy list meaning great for me not so great on my wallet lol. The bad news like any member in the bookaholics club is that there is not ENOUGH TIME.

At Melena`s Reviews our goal is to always get the books out to you readers every Monday then it changed to every Tuesday. Now because of reality aka real work intruding and changing my schedule New Review Updates will be twice a month.

What does this mean?

Well this means more bigger review updates every 5th and 26th of each month. Why these 2 date? Partially because we get tons of great reviews every beginning of the month and tons more towards the end of the month. Not only are there great books in between but we will be promoting more book blitz, book give-aways and more cover reveals. That way you as the reader see what is new out there.

The request form if you like for Melena`s Reviews to review your book is still the same on the top of the front page under Request Review. We love having people follow us and you can find us at the following pages if you like to know what is going on with us.







Stay tuned to Melena’s Reviews


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