Dirty Texas 2: Suddenly Together by J.A. Low

Dirty Texas Book 2: Suddenly Together by J.A Low
240 pages

I fucking love her. She is my everything, my best friend, my girl and the only one to break my heart like she is doing right now. I swore to her in the beginning just friendship but the one week filled of passion and every sex move possible done was not enough with her. She is my Vanesa, my temptation and forbidden fruit all rolled into one. Problem is she is also the bands PR woman and in her head our relationship is forbidden. Now after 5 years of knowing her and going through the in ands outs being more than friends with her, I Christian Taylor want more. I want what my best friend, Evan, has a marriage, love and possibly a family. I want all that but only with my Vanessa. She has always been mine and I know sometimes I can be a jerk but she has hurt me the last time. She says she is afraid because of getting hurt but she is the one who is doing the most harm well to me.

One week is all I had and like a drug he makes me want more. He is forbidden to me at least I keep telling myself but I keep going back to him. Christian Taylor is more than just a guitarist in the band, Dirty Texas, the same band I work for and he`s everywhere. I swore to myself I will not fall for a man like him one that throws his heart easily to any pretty woman that flaunts their tits and ass to him. I wan more yet I am afraid of getting hurt once again. Christian is a friend to me and knows what is at stake but it doesn`t stop the attraction between us. Just when I think it can`t get worse he shows his real feelings towards me and now I have to choose. My happiness or my career?

Once again J.A. Low has done it again in another Dirty Texas that is full of hot, wicked naughtiness and the rock stars that love their woman deeply. I just loved Christian for this is more bad boy but one that is misunderstood. We see him partying, womanizing but deep inside he only wants one woman and she denies him. The attraction between Vanessa and him is beyond hot it is sizzling. So many times I wanted to slap Vanessa and tell her just give into him he`s hot, he loves you and he is a one woman committment guy if you let him in. J.A. Low like I said before knows her rock stars and man Christian is one guitarist who is not only good with his hands but when it comes to loving he knows how to magically play them good. Loved it and cannot wait for Axel`s story, Christian`s twin brother and ladies beware he is hot and sexy like Christian himself. Twins never sounded so good until you see them in J.A. Low`s books.

**I received this product for free in exchange for this post.**


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