Finding Father Christmas & Engaging Father Christmas by Robin Jones Gun

Finding Father Christmas & Engaging Father Christmas by Robin Jones Gunn
Ebook and Print


I always thought I had a great life with mom until I found the bag with the tassles on them. Now that she is gone I am left with so many unanswered questions that take me to London of all places. London is not ony foreign for me but so is the family that seem to have adopted me into their Christmas celebration. I never expected this but now that I am here I feel closer to a father I have never heard or seen before. Will this be the Christmas that finally makes me believe miracles can happen?

It has been a couple years since that brave moment I endeavored to London to find my father. Even now it is still hard to believe my father is a Whitcombe but I met the love of my life, Ian. It is not just about me but somehow my secret of my real identity is known to the press and now the Whitcombe reputation is in the news. I never meant for the family to be embarrassed I have to make things right. What else can go wrong putting all my faith that Father Christmas will not fail me?

One thing I love about Robin Jones Gunn stories is that there is tons of hope, faith and most of all love. Miranda is like all of us wanting a family but she feels shortchanged at her life. Having a father is all she has dreamed of having as a little girl and now as an adult she wants answers. Robin Jones Gunn just made me want to hug little Miranda but also applaud for her bravery. Bravery because she can either be enjoying a father she has never met or accepting the thought that he might not really exist. All in all this is one series I loved and cannot wait for the third one by Robin Jones Gunn and see what else the Whitcombes have in store for us.

**I received this product for free in exchange for this post.**


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