Forever and Ever Book 40: I`ll Be There by E.L. Todd

Forever and Ever Book 40: I’ll Be There by E.L Todd
160 pages
4 moons

I should have trusted him. I vowed to love him forever but forgot to tell him he will always have me trust him. Now after the heartbreak I am trying to get over him but I miss the little things he said and done. Everybody has tried for Cayson to see my reason but all have failed. I know only one person who can help us now and it is the same person who has always trusted Cayson unlike me. Slade, the only one who my marriage is depending on getting us back together.

I could have saved her. I know it is because of me my mom is dead. She knew if she asked for my help I wouldn`t do it and now I killed her. Silke says it is not my fault but what does she know she still has her mother. Levi, my half-brother blames me as well I see it in his eyes. Everything I thought of her was a lie. She did love me and now I can never forgive her. How can I continue when in Levi`s eyes I am the one who killed our mom?

Okay I have to say I almost cried twice in this book for Arsen and Skye. Poor Arsen is having a really hard time with loosing his mother. Not really knowing how to help him Silke tries her best but he pushes everybody away. Now Skye though she tries to sound happy you can tell she is still breaking inside. So many things happening and yet through all this E.L. Todd just brings us more close to each person in this series. There are tons of favorite characters in this book but have to say Slade is one person you can definitely rely on through everything happening. Loved it.

**I received this product for free in exchange for this post.**


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