Forever and Ever Book 41: Pieces of Me by E.L. Todd

Forever and Ever Book 41: Pieces of Me by E.L. Todd
170 pages
4 moons

A life without Lexie hard to believe. She was the only woman I imagined coming home to greeting me at the door with kisses. Now it is a whole different outcome and one I never imagined happening. Yet somehow knowing that I come home to this and is with me at work doesn`t make me feel well lonely. If only it talked back to me then people won`t look at me like I lost my mind.

I love Skye still and always will but I need time to forgive her. I didn`t think it will be easy for her to just go on with her life. I told her lets be friends but never imagined another man putting the moves on my very sex, beautiful pregnant wife. Will we ever get to have what made our love special?

Of all the men my Skye could have married Sean outshine any of them. Yet the day I turned my faith on him I knew I lost my son. In every way he is more than just my son-in-law he is the other son I never had. Scarlett tells me I am to blame I should have put my trust in him. I am a father though above all else and seeing my little girl heartbroken is too much. Will I ever get my son, Sean back to love me like a father?

Okay I have to say it Cayson is stupid right now. I mean how can you turn your back on a love that has spanned for years to when they were in diapers. Skye is his everything and for him to not go back with her is just well childish. I mean this is for real a marriage you don`t just turn your back. I really hope in the next book Cayson see`s what he has truly done in his marriage. Now Conrad is definitely turning out to be the man he used to be all because of his well his little friend a four legged creature. The little relationship he has with him is cute and might seem strange at first but he needs this. Sean, poor Sean I feel bad for him with Cayson. Here is a man who feels more heartbroken then Skye for turning his back on him. The love he has for Cayson is truly more father/son then just father-in-law son-in-law. E.L. Todd once again has this reader going in so many directions I am rooting for Cayson and Skye but want Sean and Cayson to get back together lol. Each book is just getting closer to the end and so don`t want it to end.

**I received this product for free in exchange for this post.**


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