Forever and Ever Book 42: Hearts will Beat by E.L. Todd

Forever and Ever Book 42: Hearts Will Beat by E.L Todd
157 pages
4 moons

My first fashion show and I am so excited. Finally people will see my clothing line and say I want a Trinity outfit. At least that was the plan until people started noticing my sexy husband, Slade. Is it too much to be noticed other than by my husband?

There is just something about Carrie that for the first time I want more than just sex. Sure sex would be great with her but knowing she is not into love like me makes her perfect. Yet there is just something about Carrie that makes her perfect as my wife. Love is not something that is important anymore to me just having a wife. Am I sounding crazy that a marriage without love might actually work in my favor this time?

I love Cayson so much and yes I am happy he is finally in my life agan. The past couple of months without him was terrible. Though we are back to being Skye and Cayson forever my life still feels incomplete. This hate he feels for Dad is too much I just want us to all be happy like we used to. I only know one person who can help me who has been helping us this whole time, Slade. Can he be the one to bring us all together once again?

I know I can never feel the same pain my Arsen is feeling for my mom is still alive. The thing is Arsen is pushing me away. One minute he can be the man I love and then the next be what he used to be full of anger. I know he will never hurt me physically but this avoidance of him not sharing the pain is too much for me. Dad says to give him time but without him in my life I am not who I used to be. I need Arsen back with me and his little girl needs her daddy again. How can I help him when he doesn`t want to be helped?

I really don`t want this series to end for each book just makes this family so lifelike and cherishing them. E.L. Todd just brings so much emotions in this series it pulls you everywhere. Arsen and his part of grieving is so heartbreaking for this man. He has been through so much and just well deserves a break through everything. I am happy for Skye and Cayson can finally breathe and now we wait for the baby. The love they have is so cute and true hard to believe Slade had a huge part in this. Now Trinity cannot believe how far she has come from a girl reading magazines to now having her own fashion runway. Cannot wait to see what else is in store.

**I received this product for free in exchange for this post.**


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