Kissing Father Christmas by Robin Jones Gunn
Kissing Father Christmas: A Novel by Robin Jones Gunn
Ebook and Print
4 1/2 moons

London, a city I never imagined coming back to but then again it is the Christmas holiday anything is possible. Last time I was here I met the man of my dreams. If it wasn`t for Miranda and Ian`s wedding I would never had my first kiss with Peter. As a young woman from Minnesota, Peter is like Prince Charming coming to life. For the first time I felt like a real princess when he kissed me. I really thought maybe seeing him again he would sweep me of my feet. Problem is it is all dream or wishful thinking in my part. The Peter I remember is gone and now is a man who wants to be just friends. I know in my heart what we felt at the time was real and somewhere is my real Peter. Can I convince him that I am what he needs?

Anna, beautiful Anna from America is like a jewel to me. She is full of shine, beauty and a real gem in my life. The thing is I cannot give her what she needs right now. Even thinking of romancing her is out of the questions for my life is not my own. Everybody thinks I am kind, generous and all around good guy but nobody knows my real secret. A man like me will never know true happiness and love like my friend Ian. I see how much in love he is with Miranda and in a way I can see how easy it will be to love Anna like this. I have responsibilities though and even though is the Christmas holiday miracles are never going to happen for me. Or will they? Can Anna be my Christmas miracle that I need to make me feel alive again?

The third in Robin Jones Gunn Christmas series ends beautifully with Anna and Peter. Here are two people who find each  loving but life has something in store for them. Coming to London Anna feels like this is her second home with a sense of longing in this town. Being with Peter again she wants to see what he feels for her. The kiss they shares has stayed with her since her friends wedding and now she wants more of Peter. Robin Jones Gunn though has some obstacles for them and the biggest one for Peter is faith. All his life he has led a life he thought he deserves and yet when he meets Anna he wants a chance. The thought of just friendship is a big thing for Peter but loved that deep down he wants to be loved and have a life of his own. I liked seeing Anna give her whole heart out but like all women is afraid of well getting rejected. Robin Jones Gunn did a beautiful job showing that with faith and grace anything is possible.

**I received this product for free in exchange for this post.**


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