Submission is Not Enough by Lexi Blake

Masters and Mercenaries Series Book 12: Submission Is Not Enough by Lexi Blake
Ebook and Print
4 moons

He is arrogant, silly at times, sexy as sin and once upon a time was the man I loved so deeply until the evil Hope McDonald killed him. Gone is my Theo the Dom who made me feel like a woman for the first time. It tooks us months but we finally found him again. Though he is still alive he is not my Theo somehow Hope erased him. The damn bitch took away everything Theo was to me and the bad part is he doesn`t want me. Somehow all the love we had is out of his mind and it scares me I will never get him back. Everybody says to give him time but how can I when Hope is still after him. Can I be the woman he needs to be strong and still love him like I still do? Can I submit to this man who still makes me all hot and bothered knowing he is not my Theo in a sense that made me feel really loved?

I have no idea who I am. Everybody says my name is Theo Taggart a great soldier,  sexy Dom and my life belongs to one Erin Argent but it all feels foreign to me. Mother, aka Hope McDonald, is the only person who feels familiar to me and yet the one who puts me in danger. I know somewhere  Erin is someone important to me but can`t figure out exactly how. My brother, Robert well at least I think is my brother says the Taggarts are my real family and I must do everything I can to stay with them. Who am I really? Why do these people and Erin feel strange yet there are memories about them that come so easily. I never believed in the past for Mother always said the past is what kills us but flashes of the Taggarts feel in so many ways sane. Will I ever figure out what really happened? Will I submit again to Hope and die again being reborn into a life not my own?

In one word for Theo and Erin`s story by Lexi Blake is wow. My heart cried for Erin knowing her Theo was gone and little TJ never knowing his real father. Yet this Theo knowing he is alive just doesn`t seem right at all. Hope McDonald is one evil doctor that I cannot wait to see the end of her. Lexi Blake has a way of making a book heartwrenching yet filled with hope that anything is possible and man does she show it with Erin and Theo. These two so belong together and there are scenes that Lexi Blake writes that just tears me apart. Lexi Blake and this series just never ends and cannot wait for Nick`s story in the next book. Loved it.

**I recived this product for free in exchange for this post.*


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