Tru Blue by Melissa Foster

Tru Blue by Melissa Foster
300 pages
Ebook and Print

Freedom finally. I am out and now just going to bathroom without looking behind my back feels great. At least until I answered the phone from my brother asking for my help. Now everything has changed and yet I am better than ever. Never in my life did I think by helping Quincy my brother I will become a father. Well not biologically but knowing my dead beat of a mother gave birth to two children known as my half siblings is a shock. Seeing the way they were living just pissed the hell off me. Kennedy and Lincoln don`t deserve this kind of life instead I am determined to give them a second chance. I never imagined myself as a father but somehow these two have become my kinds stealing my heart everyday. Problem is I have no idea what I am doing and thank God everyday for Gemma. Here is a woman who see`s the good in me where there is nothing but darkness in me. For the first time I want to be more than just Truman Gritt I want to be the real Prince Charming my Gemma needs in her life. Can I be what Kennedy and Lincoln need to give them a family they deserve?

My life has always been about proper etiquette, nannies, schedules and no way a life of my own. Now as an adult I can be whoever I want to be but being near Truman I want to be a mother and his woman. Mother Nature, however didn`t see that I was fit as a mother but made me care for others. Seeing Truman one night struggling with his kids something in me well my lady parts weep for him. He looks dangerous all tattooed and unshaven but closely I see a man who loves deeply. Being with him and seeing how much he cares for his kids make me dream for the impossible. Can a man like him love me for who I am? All my life I was told what to do, how to act and with Truman he doesn`t ask nothing of me. Together we are scarred with demons haunting us but in way our scars brings us closer. Will we ever get the happily ever after Truman tells Kennedy to come true? Or will our past control our lives now?

In one word for True Blue by Melissa Foster is AWESOME. This book had everything I love in a book from its sexy brooding tattooed guy to the heroine who just wants a little happiness in her life. Melissa Foster just shined in this book making me want more of Tru for he is unlike any bad boy we know. Yes from the outside he looks dangerous but Melissa Foster shows us to not judge a man by his looks but look deeper. He is far from this and loved that Gemma see`s this about him. The chemistry between them starts slow but once they let go it is truly a beautiful story between them with the kids making it sweeter. Loved it.

**I received this product for free in exchange for this post.**


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