Bookstore like Candy Store!!!

Note from Melena’s Reviews

You would think as a reader and reviewer of books I get will be enough. Yet the book lover in me love bookstores especially the ones that are half priced ones. In total in my kindle I have 400 I have to review and in my window sill I have this many I still have to go through. Picture below is what I need to read my TBR **to be read pile**.


So I trade in Books I read already some reviewed telling myself no more books MeliMel. Here is my dilemma I go on but the bookstore is like the candystore for me okay. My agenda was trade 8 books so other readers like me enjoy them.

20 minutes later I come out with 21 books and in my head is little MeliMel overdosing with all these wonderful books.

Moral of the story have somebody trade books for you instead of going yourself lol..So the picture below is my book loot I got today **head hung low now lol**..

Who else has this problem like me there is just not enough books?



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