Covenant by Michelle St. James

Mob Boss Book 1: Covenant by Michelle St.James
268 pages
3 1/2 moons

My career has always been my life.  Living in Paris people the Marchand family is just a piece of title that has been non-existent for years but determined to change that right now. My father squandered our legacy and now that I have taken over I am going to put everything back to right. There is no time for romance just lust and one night stands. That was until I met Charlotte Duval. Here is a woman who I can so easily fall for but she is up to something as well. She comes to me for help on a ring that technically should be mine yet in so many ways belong to her. Now someone wants us dead and will not stop until she is gone. Can I protect her when my family legacy is on standbye?

There is something about Christophe Marchand that has me questioning his help? Ever since I left his product he bought from my father`s antique art store I cannot get him off my mind. Finding this artifact though brings me to him in a way I know he can only help me. The thing is that even though he is helping me I feel he is the reason my life is in danger now. Everywhere I go someone wants to kill me yet I feel safe in his arms. Is he my protector or my path to danger? Will this ring be the death of me or something exciting in my future?

I have to say I expected more from Michelle St. James in this book. Right from the beginning it seemed like a big wild goose chase and everywhere they turn is danger. Seemed like a big chase in every chapter never really connecting between Christophe and Charlotte just about the elaborate ring leaving a cliffhanger in the end. Normally when I find an action packed story I need some type of chemistry between the main characters and didn`t feel it strongly between them more one sided. Hopefully book 2 is a litle bit more about Christophe and Charlotte.

**I received this product for free in exchange for this post.**


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