Dirty Wicked by Shayla Black

Dirty Wicked by Shayla Black
120 pages
Ebook and Print
4 moons

I have been thinking alot considering I was framed for a crime I didn`t do. Throughout my time in prison one thing keeps coming to mind, my freedom. I know one person who was so set to get me behind jail and will not stop until everybody is behind jail or dead. Clifford is one bad person and his plan to shut me up would have worked but involving my best friends widow into this is way fucked up. Not only is she a friend of mine but Sasha is the only person that kept me going in prison. I have always loved her and knowing Clifford is aiming for her and little Harper is pissing me off. I know I failed in protecting my friend Mike but this time I will not fail in protecting the woman I love Sasha.

Sasha and Mike Porter had a great marriage until Clifford came into the picture. Mike always told her if she needs help go to Nick Navarro. Mike trusted him with his life but seeing him in person she is wondering if maybe her husband went crazy in the end. Nick is unlike what she heard about and yet she is not afraid of him. Somehow being with Nick she is feelings things she never felt for Mike which is some ways scares her. She will always love Mike but Nick is showing her how to be a woman and not just a mother. She knows he is not the rapist they call him and knows he is innocent above everything that has happened. Can she put her life in his hands hope to make it better?

In one word Dirty Wicked by Shayla Black is deliciously wicked in a man like Nick Navarro. Here is a guy who is all good but was framed on a crime he didn`t commit. Coming is Sasha a woman who he has always fallen for but because of friendship had to stay away. Shayla Black brings these two together in a way neither expected happening yet rely on each other to survive. The attraction between them is hot and though she tries to fight it there is no way to escape the passio that Nick has to give. Loved it another hit for the 1001 Dark Nights series.

**I received this product for free in exchange for this post.**


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