Harmony and High Heels by Tracy Wolff and Katie Graykowski

Harmony and High Heels (The Fort Worth Wranglers Book 2) by Tracy Wolff and Katie Graykowski
211 pages
4 moons

Have you ever wished for one thing so bad you willing to do anything to get it and no one will stop you? Well that is me right now and it is my evil wicked mother, Livinia Wright who is in my way. I have no  idea how my sister did it to escape her clutches but it is my turn. Being a baker has always been my dream and this is it for me as San Angelo`s Badass Baker. I know people think I am Lyric and now I have to show the world the real Harmony Wright baker extraordinaire. Problem is that no matter what I do people don`t believe it is me but Lyric even the tall, sexy as sin Dalton Mane. A strait-laced businessman and so opposite of the men I am trying to get away from right now. Can I have it all the sex, passion, Dalton and my dream to come true? Or will my mother win again in controlling my life?

She is all kinds of trouble and mayhem I should stay away right now? I have tried for years to leave my past behind but since meeting Harmony the dirty, wicked and naughty side of me is coming back. I  have never been a fan of women with tats but man Harmony is one sexalicious babe I wouldn`t mind licking all over until all those tats and her belong to me. Yet even though she is trying to be bad I know beneath the tough exterior is a woman meant for me and for the first time in my life I will take things slow even if it gives me blue balls. Can I tame the wild woman that is Harmony Wright?

Tracy Wolff and Katie Graykowski are two writers who pack it all in and kick you with a great story full of sex, mayhem and oh so delicious love. I loved hearing about the wild woman in Lyrics story and boy these two writers left nothing behind when it came to Harmony. The things she does to get her dreams to come true are just hilarious from her trying to get Dalton to give it up to her to her going to the wild side to make her mom pissed was just so funny. She is definitey no Lyric and man seeing Heath from the previous story afraid of Harmony and her revenge was laugher all the way. This is not your usual romance but a comedy of so many errors and passion can`t decide what I liked better lol. All in all this is one series worth full of laughter, bestselling authors and most of all one woman determined to get all her dreams.

**I received this product for free in exchange for this post.**


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