Hooked by Brenda Rothert

Hooked by Brenda Rothert
225 pages

Cinderelly Cinderelly that is how I feel right now. Some people have it easy whereas I have it tough. Each day is a struggle but knowing all my hard work in school, waitress and being a hotel maid will get me up there is worth it. The thing is there are times when I wish I had it easy, the looks, the money and well not working. Especially when it comes to Jake Birch and I see the lifestyle he has just by cleaning his room. The guy is hot, smart and can make me tingle with just a smile but is temptation so wrong. He is a hockey player and I swore not to get into one of them players. The more I ignore Jake harder he works to get my attention and now somehow my heart.

For the first time I am at a place where everything is coming together. At least I thought so until I did something stupid. In a way though what I thought was right is right but some people are not seeing that way. Now just when I am trying to make things right there is my Miranda. Somehow this hot, beautiful and smart girl see`s the real me and not the money attached to my name. Being with her even for a little bit in the mornings get me going and I want more of her. She doesn`t see how beautiful she is like I see her and I am going to prove to her she belongs to me. I am one hockey player that always gets the goal and Miranda is one goal worth fighting for.

As sports romances go you would think they will all be the same the athlete getting the girl easily. Well Brenda Rothert changes that and brings us a guy, Jake, who yes is hot and athletic but also filled with guilt. Then you have Miranda who in so many ways feels like an old woman trying to make ends meet. These two together have one thing in common I loved that Brenda Rothert did, willpower. For Jake, hockey has always been his thing but lately he wants something more and with Miranda he see`s what has been missing from his life. Now Miranda I loved for no matter how much charm and kisses Jake throws her way she puts her foot down. She is strong, hardworking but man with Jake she see`s how beautiful she really is. Brenda Rothert just rocked in this book and highly recommended for you will love Jake and Miranda together making you want more of Brenda`s sports romance.

**I received this product for free in exchange for this post.**


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