Listen to Your Heart by Sydney Logan

Listen to Your Heart by Sydney Logan
Ebook and Print

I love the 80`s and if had the chance to go back that will be the year for me. My nephew Eli calls me the coolest Aunt but even I know how lame I am to believe someone out there is like me a fanatic in all 80`s. A girl can dream though at least sometimes but in my line of job I know real a soulmate kind of love is hard to find. As a wedding planner I enjoy seeing others find their true loves so it is a suprise that when we have the perfect bride planning her wedding with us I meet Caleb. Just like true love it is also rare for bride like Juliana to give us carte blanche on her wedding planning. Something is up and can`t put my finger on it but Caleb is surely distracting in a very good, sexy way. Every time were together makes me believe that maybe just maybe love does exist for me. I mean what can be wrong about a guitar teacher like Caleb who also likes 80`s hair bands and yes my guilty pleasure Dirty Dancing?

Of all the women to come into my life I never felt this kick in the heart like I felt after meeting Eli`s Aunt Skye. She is smart, beautiful and best of all is a freak like me about the 80`s. My best friend calls me crazy for being so wild about that decade but the 80`s had it all. It had love, romance, great music and man the swagger like Patrick Swaye. Skye coming into my life changes everything now and I know I have to tell her about me soon. The thing is I have never felt like this before and no matter how many 80`s songs I can bundle all together nothing can describe these feelings I have for Skye. How much longer can I have Skye in my life before she gives up on our love fo good?

Sydney Logan you made this reader very happy with this beautiful story. It is like The Wedding Singer and Dirty Dancing all togeter making it a huge favorite for me. I loved Skye and all her hang ups in love and Caleb showing her love does exist in so many ways. Yes these two are crazy 80`s fanatics to the point they probably know every word to Dirty Dancing making it such a treat seeing them come together. What I loved the most was that it was true romance none of the sex gettng in the way. Even Eli the nephew was funny for even a 10 year old like him is much smarter than we think. Caleb and Skye were just so perfect and the song list in the end is a great compilation of everything this book is really about and loved it.

**I received this product for free in exchange for this post.**


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