Love`s Illusion by Ozlo & Priya Grey

Love’s Illusion by Ozlo & Priya Grey
283 pages
4 moons

I am a goddess. I am smart, naughty and can rock your world. Too bad I am an avatar and if you knew the real me you will run. I am so opposite of my avatar, SexyMinx and all I wish I was like in the real life. In Minnesota I am your average person but somehow someone in my gaming life wants to know the real me. This has never happened and now when I am about to embark to the unknown aka Los Angeles I am scared. This is a whole new world I have never been and a chance of a lifetime to get the game I created to life, well to other gamers out there. I am stranger, unique, brave and yet when it comes to men I am stupid. So knowing that I will be in the same room as sexy and brooding type of a man like Nash I must watch myself. Can I really figure out what is real and what is fake in my life?

Football has always been my life. I ate, dream and slept football and one stupid mistake costed me everything. Like Toby Keith sang it I`m Not What I Used to Be and every attempt at getting my football career is just a reminder of how I lost it all. Now I feel like I am in limbo walking around trying to figure out what to do and definitely don`t need a girl like Flo to remind me that I have no goals unlike her. She says she is not what guys need but I love her curves and will help her in anyway I can even if it means hiding my feelings.

I am not sure why a man like Matt is interested in me. I am a DJ, living in my Uncles house and this hot, sexy Ambercombie type of a guy wants me. There is no way in this world will a relationship between me, Selena and Matt the motivational speaker can be together. We are opposite of each other but he won`t stay away. At first it was literally a knock at me the way we met and now I want more of him. I know though we don`t belong and there is so no future for us but a girl can dream right.

Coming to America was supposed to be an adventure with Jacques my boyfriend not a learning experience that love doesn`t exist. Stuck in the U.S. I have come to love it and yet this is really not what I imagined myself to be doing. Webcamming. I know I am beautiful and as American guys say Sexy but something is missing. Well that was until I met Mr. Starbuck and now like the decadent coffee the Americans drink I want more of him. Will I Juliette ever get the real American Passion I have heard about with a real sexy American man?

Love`s Illusion is so not what I expected yet was thrilled that there was more in this book. I loved how Ozlo & Priya Grey created a story that felt like romantic but twisted it in a way we never saw coming. Starting off with Nash and Flo two people who are in so many ways the same yet different between them. Nash feels he`s not goal minded like Flo and she feels a hot guy like him will never be into a girl like her. Now this is where the whole gaming in Flo`s life comes in. At times it seemed quick that life of hers but loved we saw more of Nash. Now Selena and Matt was like in ways too cliche for me. I mean I loved the whole good, sexy and never into trouble guy like Matt into a girl like Selena but wanted more of them. Juliette now here is a crazy girl lol in what she does but also applaud her in making a bad thing in her life in a good way using her sex appeal. All in all each character that Ozlo & Priya Grey created had their own story but my favorite has to be Nash and Flo. These two bring out the good in each other and make them see all is not lost. First I have read from these two and love to see what else in store with them.

**I received this product for free in exchange for this post.**


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