Mayhem by Autumn Sand

Mayhem by Autumn Sand
261 pages
Ebook and Print

I have lost everything. I used to be Dante, the high school graduate about to marry THE ONE. Yeah I found my woman in high school and swore she will be my everything. Finding out I will be a father as well was icing on the cake and almost had it all. That was until fate stepped in and changed my life forever. Going into the Marines changed me and and made me dangerous. Ten years have gone by and the pain is still there of never being the husband and father I was supposed to be. Everybody tells me I need to wake up and learn how to be alive but how can I when my woman is six feet under with my son. At least I thought so until I rescued her, Cyma. She is so opposite from my Kayla yet something about her calls to me and I want more. As second in command for Tony Delany everybody is afraid me but I want desire and love in Cyma`s eyes not fear. She says she doesn`t need me but it is I who need her. Is she the one who will bring me back to life?

I do not need a man right now. What I need is a miracle and for everything to be normal in my life. Last two years I have struggled to make it and now time is running out for me and this is a battle I might loose. Dante or Tick is a man who won`t take no for an answer yet in some ways he is like a wall I crave to lean on too. For the first time I feel I can breathe and might have a chance at the fairy tales I tale Leila. I know happily ever afters don`t happen but Dante is a man determined to bring them into my life. Here is a man who if everything was different and we lived in a time where there was no sickness or debt Dante would be the man I can fall in love so easily. How can I let my heart fall right now when Leila needs me the most?

This is the first I have read by Autumn Sand and man it won’t be the last. With Mayhem I had a blast reading about Dante and what brought this guy the way he is. The heartache and pain he went through might have pushed him away from putting his heart out but one look at Cyma and he was already in love. I loved that Autumn Sand brought these two together in a way they never expected but hanging on to faith and hope all will be all right. This is a book that Autumn Sand made me a believer that even the roughest, dangerous and sexiest man can be tamed with the right woman by their side. Loved it.

**I received this product for free in exchange for this post.**


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