One Christmas Wish by Sara Richardson

One Christmas Wish by Sara Richardson
4 moons

I love my brother Ben and new sister-in-law Paige, but dang they are so lovey dovey it makes me want to throw up. I always dreamed one day to be like them so in love and well marriage. That ship sailed and now I am dodging as far as I can from my mother. She thinks I need a man to make me happy but none can compare to my secret crush, Isaac Nash. Years ago before my accident I dreamed of becoming Mrs. Isaac Nash but like everything that happened that night it all disappeared. Now seeing him again is bringing back all these memories and what ifs if he never left me. I know love exist but really can a man like Isaac fall for a woman like I am now.

Julia Noble, the one woman who has always been in my heart. Being in the Army I used to be one of those men who carried a picture of their loved ones. The thing is Julia was never my loved one but a secret crush of mine. She comes from money and me well I come from scandal and embarrassment. Julia`s picture is what got me through the Army and now  seeing her all grown up makes the love I have for her so real. I never knew she felt the same way and now all the secrets and memories are coming out. Can I convince her that the love that has kept me alive all these years can be so much more now all the cards are on the table?

I just love coming back to Sara Richardson`s Heart of the Rockies series and Julia with Isaac wow. What got me is Julia who people see weak yet here is a fighter through and through. She shows us that no matter what happened to her years ago she can stand on her own. Isaac is a man who knows what he wants. One look of Julia and this is more than just teenage love resurfacing this is the real deal. As novellas go it was short but one thing I love the most of Sarah Richardson`s latest is that we get all the whole picture and nothing is left out. Can`t wait for more of the Rockies.

**I received this product for free in exchange for this post.**

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