Out of Love by RC Bodlt

Out of Love by RC Boldt
322 pages
Ebook and Print

Love and temptation two things that been circling in my life past couple of months since she started working. I know I deserve this pain and torture but she deserves a lot. Noelle Davis is not a woman that can handle me for I will break her. Everybody tells me I am stupid to not act on these feelings I have for her. I am messed up in every way and being with her will just give her pain. Yet the thought of her being with someone is too much and knowing someone wants to hurt her pisses me off. She is my angel the one woman who I want to be near and talk to yet fobidden fruit. Can I continue to just be her boss when I want her more than I can breathe?

I can`t take it anymore I wan him. One kiss from him and I am addicted. Foster Kavanaugh is a man you don`t mess with yet the little playful banter we go through gets me going. Everytime I think he can`t surprise me he does something that makes me want to know more about him. The thing is I cannot have more of him because of my past and once revealed will make everybody see how weak I was before I moved here. In Foster`s eyes I am strong, beautiful and fearless something I don`t want to change. Can I continue on an employee when every secod with him I just want more than just kisses?

This is the first I have read from RC Boldt and man this was just wow. I just loved Foster and though at times he sounded grouchy he has a way of just making you want more of him. The chemistry between him and Noelle is like cat and mouse where the mouse has no chance in hell of surviving. This guy not only is hot but vulnerable in ways that just makes you want to kiss and hug him. There are many things about Foster that he feels at lost and guilty of so it takes a strong woman like Noelle to help him. RC Boldt shined in this book and the other guys, Foster`s friends I so hope there is more of them. Loved it and definitely will be following more of this talented author`s work.

**I received this product for free in exchange for this post.**


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