Perfectly Paired by Lexi Blake

Perfectly Paired (Masters and Mercenaries: Topped Book 3) by Lexi Blake
205 pages
4 moons

She is temptation and yet I cannot give up on her. Working as a waitress at the new Top restaurant I am with her everyday and these feelings I am getting are scary. I am half a man and no beautiful woman like Tiffany will be hung up on me. I am Top`s sommelier and like the food there is a perfect wine to match it something Tiffany keeps telling me makes a great presentation at the table. The thing is that the more we work with each other it is easy to see how perfect we are matched. I know though that these feelings I have for Tiffany is just one sided for I can never be the whole man she needs to protect her forever. Or is it just me?

He may be stubborn, grumpy and thinks he cannot be all man for me but Sebastian Lowe has met his match. I may be a struggling artist working as a waitress but one thing I know for sure is how men react to me. Being with Sebastian makes me cherished and loved something none of my ex-boyfriends have made me feel before. Pretending to be his sub has always been my fantasy come to life since that one night we almost had and now it might happen. He says we can never be a couple because of his fears of rejection which is stupid. I am determined to get my sommelier in and out of bed even proving to him with or without legs I will still love him forever.

Once again Lexi Blake has done it again in the Masters and Mercenaries Topped series there is just no one word to describe these men. Have to say Lexi`s men are not damaged just need some good hard and determined love their way. I loved that no matter how many times Sebastian denies Tiffany she doesn`t cower away she fights for him. The attraction between them is hot and man seeing everybody in this series just wow. Cannot wait for more of TOP and how this restaurant can be hotter than ever.

**I received this product for free in exchange for this post.**


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