Serenading the Shadows by Jodi Lawson

Lightning Strikes Book 1: Serenading the Shadows by Jodie Larson

I don`t deseve love. I only deserve heartache and pain. I should have no one care or love me for I am selfish. At least I thought I deserved all of this but Kade Evans is a man who keeps pushing me. It has been years since I felt normal and not stuck in the past. Years of always being told what to say what and how to dress. Being with Kade it has made me realize it has been months since I didn`t feel guilty over what happened. I know I wasn`t really what caused the tragedy but there are times when I am reminded of me being childish. Memories that still haunt me of that night never going away. All I wanted was to have a normal life but sometimes wishing comes with a price.

I have found the one person that makes me feel complete. There is just something about Adrienne completes me in every way. I have no idea what she is afraid of about love but know that without her in my life there is no meaning to live. Everybody say I am crazy for loving Adrienne so quick and fast but she is unlike any woman I have come across. She has this beauty in her and yet sadness in her eyes that are begging for someone to reawaken her. I know I am what she needs only have to be patient for her to see I am not going anywhere and leave her alone. Can I be strong enough for both of us?

There is no right word to describe this book for there is just too many to summarize in this book. Jodie Larson just blew me away with Kade and Adrienne in a way that reminds me of a movie yet so lifelike. Adrienne is a young woman who wants to be normal but because one act of defiance caused her heartbreak. Kade is perfect for her for he shows her that you have to live no matter how tragic the past was you must go on. These two balanced each other perfectly and Jodie Larson shined in this book. This is one of those books that you cannot just summarize in a paragraph you have to buy the book to get enchanted with Adrienne and her struggled. Get caught up with Kade showing us that through heartache there is a chance of living again and well be loved forever. Loved it.

**I received this product for free in exchange for this post.**


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