Split by JB Salsbury

Split by Jb Salsbury
417 pages
Ebook and Print

I didn`t do it. 4 little words I have been saying this whole time yet once I say them I know it doesn`t feel right. I have no idea what happened or who did it. The only thing I know is it is not just me. It is him. For years he has been there protecting me but I know that one night something happened and I don`t know what. Coming to this little cabin should have given me all the privacy I needed but she came and he wants her. For the first time a person see`s me and wants to know me. No matter how much I crave Shyann I have to get away from her or she dies. Where there is death I know somehow it leads to me but she is one thing I cannot let it happen. Can I Lucas protect the first woman to ever love me?

She must die. Women like her are dangerous to Lucas and only want thing, hurt him. I protected him years ago and will not have a woman like Shyann give him false love. This is something mother taught us that we are bastards who don`t deserve love. I know Lucas wants her but she must be stopped before she finds out about who Lucas really is. Can I stop her without Lucas getting hurt?

There is something about Lucas I cannot put my finger on but I know in some ways he needs me. There is a connection in Lucas that I never felt before with my ex-boyfriend and I cannot stop from getting to know Lucas. Gage though is determined to stop me from getting to Lucas and this just pisses me off. I know he is a tough man but somehow I am coming to know both of them and it scares me what I feel. I always felt different and a failure but with Lucas I feel safe and protected. Gage though makes me want to run yet to fight back something I have never done before. Can I give them both what they never have had before in their lives?

Okay so in one word by JB Salsbury is WOW. This is definitely not your usual romance not even sure if what I read is romance for it is far beyond that genre. I was torn between Lucas and Gage and boy Shyann sure has it hard right now to pick. These two are so opposite from what I thought at first yet throughout the book it all makes sense. It is hard to explain and worth to get it from JB Salsbury for there are so many elements in this book that makes it highly recommended. One thing for sure eve you as a reader will have a hard time who to love, Lucas or Gage. Two people with so many qualities about them makes you wonder how Shyann can pick. Loved it.

**I received this product for free in exchange for this post.**


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