Take my Dare by J. Kenner

Stark International Book 4: Take my Dare by J. Kenner
117 pages
Ebook and Print

I never imagined life how it is right now. Well no, that is not true I did imagine my life with one person that has been constant in my life, Jackson Steele. Through everything that has happened with Reed and then Jacksons real family coming out I never thought happiness will be in store for us. All the fear we had was a shadow always over us and now we are finally at a point where we can breathe. Jackson knows all my secrets, fears and still loves me. In so many ways with him by my side I know I can overcome anything including my past coming back again.

She is my everything, my soul, my life the reason I am able to breathe just with her in my life. I know she is having a hard time right now and needs me. Knowing that the happiness we have is about to burst with her past coming back out in the open nothing will stop me from protecting my woman. I am Jackson Steele and she is my wife, Sylvia and I will kill anyone who hurts my wife. I vowed to protect, love and see that she is filled with nothing but love and happiness forever.

When I first started this series with Say my Name by J. Kenner I never imagined all the things Jackson and Sylvia will be going through in this story. The love that Jackson and Sylvia have is unreal how powerful they feel for each other. Throughout each chapter I was like no way and how is that possible to the point where J. Kenner just blew me away with these two. I applaud Sylvia for being so strong yet J. Kenner shows us that even the strong need someone to lean on to making me fall for more of Jackson. This is not a book you should pass but run, don`t walk and grab this whole series you will not disappointed.

**I received this product for free in exchange for this post.**


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