Your Inescapable Love by Layla Hagen

The Bennett Family Book 4: Your Inescapable Love by Layla Hagen
Ebook and Print

I was just a little boy when I met Emilia. I knew right away that this little girl getting wet in the rain outside will change me forever. Everybody in my family saw something brewing between us but to me she was just my best friend. Other boys went out and made trouble but I spent my time with the adopted little girl. Now looking back if I had a chance with the little girl I will never let her go. Now years later and countless women I feel a change in my life and fate or someone is looking out for me. Somehow the little girl who knew me so well has come back into my life and has grown into a beautiful woman. It might have been a damaged knee that brought me to Emilia but now is the time to make her see she has always been more than a friend.

Max Bennett, the one man I have never forgotten about all these years. We were just little kids when we met but somehow just being my friend helped me in so many ways. I was just not the little girl he knew but one who was orphaned at a young age. If it wasn`t for my grandma and the Bennett family I wouldn`t be where I am now. As a therapist it is my job to help the people get their strength and mobility back never expected to see Max again. I knew just one touch by him will never be enough I want more of him. Yet with everything happening can a man like Max want me with all the baggage I have in my life. My grandmother is important to me but the thought of loving someone so deeply like I do with Max kills me. Will I always be the little orphaned girl in the rain looking in for love and a family?

This is one happy reader and have to say Layla Hagen killed it again with another Bennett sibling. Max in the previous books is like a stranger for we don`t really know that much about him until now. Layla Hagen created this friendship between him and Emilia never knowing how valuable this will be in little Emilia`s life. The bond they have is much more and in some ways it scares her for love is something that never stays in her life. Seeing them together is like they never been apart but now as adults they are seeing how much exciting their friendship can be with a little bit of love added to it. Layla Hagen has a hit with this series and each one of the Bennett kids we see a side of this family we don`t see which makes it more intriguing and fun to learn about the Bennett family. Cannot wait for what else is in store and who is next in well Layla Hagen`s matchmaking talent.

**I received this product for free in exchange for this post.**


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