Bad Boys After Dark: Dylan by Melissa Foster

Bad Boys After Dark: Dylan (Bad Billionaires After Dark Book 2) by Melissa Foster
300 pages
4 moons

I have met women like her before but there is just something about Tiffany Winters that calls to me more. From the outside she is strong, brave and no push over yet it is the inside I am seeing very little of each day. I am not sure what caused my girl to hide her real self but will show her I am here to stay. Mick, my brother, found his happiness with his Amanda and being with Tiffany makes me feel well to feel again. It has been years since I felt laid back and no care in the word because of her. She says she is not the type of woman to love but everyday with me she is showing me her love. Can I convince her that the men in her past didn`t see the real beauty she has in her?

Dylan Bad is well definitely very bad for me in so many ways. As a sports agent my life is centered on my clients and well my phone. Seriously if I had way to surgically get my phone attached to me it will make my business better. It was supposed to be just one night to get Dylan out of my system. Problem is I am addicted and crave more of him. He is persistent I will give him that and man the kisses, gifts and did I mention kisses slowly bringing me down. I always knew what I wanted and that was to make my career a success until Dylan entered my life. Can I be the woman he needs in his life to make him feel loved and completed?

The Bad Billionaires after Dark Boys are back and get ready for Melissa Foster has created a hot, delicious, sexy as sin Dylan Bad. We saw a little of him in Mick`s story and boy this is one man worth the intrigue. He is unlike any man that Tiffany has met for instead of being a jerk like her ex, demanding and well arrogant he is so opposite of all that. I loved how Melissa Foster created a man to make Tiffany all flustered yet show Dylan he can be what he used to be like. With Tiffany he feels needed but also well for the first time in love. The chemistry they have is off the charts hot and man seeing Tiffany see who she is really meant to be was an eye opener. Dylan Bad may be sex, hot as sin but one thing about him is when he loves he truly loves all the way. There is more of the Bad Brothers and you will not be disappointed by Melissa Foster.

~~I submitted a request to the publisher to read and voluntarily review an uncorrected advance reader’s copy of this book.~~


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