Be My December by Rachel Brookes

Be My December by Rachel Brookes
356 pages

Have you ever had a moment where you threw caution to the wind but fate laughed at you and gave you shit instead. Well that is what happened to me. One minute I was having fun like any college girl experiencing freedom and everything changed for me. I used to be the girl that didn`t hesitate or feared anything but for one moment when I said No it changed. I never believed in Prince Charmings or of being safe after that night but something about Ky Crawford is making me wonder what if. Being with him is making me feel like that girl again that maybe if I say No this time it will be all different. Yet being with Ky I know NO is not a possibility for being with him makes me want to say Yes all the time. Yes to his kisses. Yes to his touching me. Yes to making me feel love exists for a girl tainted like me.

I knew right away when I first saw Eden Rivers she will change me. Many times I regretted not being there. Over and over I told myself why was I afraid. Being with Eden now is making me loose control and undecided about many things. Eden is not who she used to be and I am to blame. Everybody tells me I am stupid for not telling her about the real me. I used to be the guy who was not afraid of anything but Eden is not just any girl. She is the reason I am here. The reason that I want to show her all the love I possess for her. Can I show her that Yes and No can be in a love destined for her filled with passion, kisses and all of me.

This is a first I have read of Rachel Brookes and wowza. It`s like I was sucker punched with so many feelings, lies and secrets I didn`t know where I was ending up. Eden Rivers is one person that will make you applaud, cry and root for all the way but for Ky as well. These two share more than a common past with each other and this is where Rachel Brookes gets tricky on her readers. I loved that this was not just about love it was about a woman and a man learning to be free and let go of their fears. This is one author I am definitely keeping an eye for and cannot wait for Ky`s brother and Eden`s best friend. Loved it.

~~I submitted a request to the publisher to read and voluntarily review an uncorrected advance reader’s copy of this book.~~


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